Eating options in downtown Kingston

Yesterday I had to go to downtown Kingston on business and decided to explore some of the eating options that exist.  What I found were mostly branches of national and international fast food chains.   These fast food chains clearly reflect the demographics of the people who frequent the area.  From low income residents to civil servants, shop employees and street vendors.  Until downtown Kingston is significantly redeveloped, those who are looking for fine dining options will have to remain uptown.


This branch of Mother’s Patties is located at 14-16 North Parade at the corner of King Street.


Captain’s Bakery and Grill is located at 100 Orange Street.  They sell pastries.



The iconic Tastee Patties has found a home  at 65-67 Orange Street.  Incidentally, they are celebrating their 50th anniversary of their founding this year.


Mother’s Patties is again represented 79 Orange Street.


International giant Burger King makes its presence felt in downtown Kingston at 33 Orange Street.


Another international food giant KFC is located at 85 1/2 King Street.


Jamaica’s largest patty makers Juici Patties is located at 120 Harbour Street.


You can find pizza giant Domino’s Pizza at 19-21 King Street.


Burger King has its second downtown location at the corner of King and Harbour Streets.


Jamaica’s oldest international franchise KFC has its second location at 13 King Street.


Moby Dick Restaurant is located at 153 Port Royal Street. It  has been around since the early 20th century.  Its been under its present ownership since 1986.  They serve a wide variety of cooked meals.  They are famous for their curried conch.


Chung’s Catering Service are famous for their catering many functions in Jamaica.  However, they have a dining facility at 82-84 Harbour Street.







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