Colette Garrick, owner of  The Wanderer is again a subject of this blog, this time for her culinary prowess. ( )

In the 1970s, Colette began to eat more healthily by coming off meat.  However after becoming a mother, she reverted to her previous eating habits.

In 1995, Colette again stopped eating meat after reading the book “Celestine Prophecies” which said that quitting meat eating increases one’s psychic abilities.  She was inspired to start vegetarian cooking classes when she had some friends over for a meal and one of them said they could consider becoming vegetarian if they could eat food as nice as hers.

In 1998, Colette conducted her first vegetarian cooking class.  These classes had a maximum of 4 persons and coming twice a week and they learned to cook 6 dishes.  Crossing Over Part I was the companion booklet that Colette published for her students.


Crossing Over Part II was published as an update of the first publication. Colette says that the first publication had dairy products but the updated one has recipes that are vegan.

Crossing Over Part II is a 48 page booklet with interesting recipes like “Eggplant in blackbean sauce”,  “Chickpeas in sofrito”, “Chocho coleslaw” “Tofu, vegetables and linguini in coconut milk” which won an Eden Gardens award for a culinary competition there.  Colette’s cooking class was the subject of an article in the Jamaica Observer newspaper after the food editor Novia McDonald-White attended a class.

In the booklet there is lots of useful information about the nutritional and medicinal value of the ingredients used in the recipes. These ingredients are readily available here in Jamaica.

In making the transition from meat eating to vegetarian, Colette advises that you do it gradually like cutting out pork and red meat first and then over time cutting out chicken.

Colette is not doing any cooking courses at present but the booklet is available from her at 926-6071 and costs $1,500 dollars.

Colette’s students enjoying the fruits of their labour
A meal of shitake mushrooms, vegetables and noodles