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Barry Gordon at right receiving his Order of Distinction from Governor General Sir Patrick Allen

1. Born in the parish of St. Mary on September 26, 1956.

2. He first became interested in radio broadcasting when he was a student at Kingston College.

3. In 1975 after graduating from Kingston College, he went to work at the now defunct Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (JBC) as a producer.

4. In 1978 he began broadcasting 6 hour radio show on JBC Saturday nights called “Boogie Down” as well as a week day afternoon show “Two to Six supermix”.  During this time he became affectionately known as “The Boogie Man”.

5. When Barry joined JBC there was only 1 other radio station RJR which was number 1 in listenership.  The appeal of Barry’s brand made JBC number 1.

6. In 1987 Barry left JBC and went to work for RJR.

7.  In 1989, Barry went back to JBC.

8. In 2001 Barry went to Power FM.

9. Another career move saw Barry going to Hot 102 in 2004.

10. One year later in 2005, Barry went to KLAS FM where he stayed for a year.

11. In 2007 Barry suffered from a stroke and didn’t go back to work until 2010 when he joined Mello FM where he remains until this day.

12.  In 1981 he was the last person to interview Bob Marley in the Florida hospital where he died.

13. In 1983, Barry started his now famous sound selector clashes with UK’s Capital Radio’s David Rodigan.

14. During the 1980s, he was charged for insurance fraud but was exonerated by the courts.

15. In the wake of his stroke he started the Barry G Foundation through which he promotes healthy lifestyles.