Friday June 16 was a very wet and rainy day.  I checked on Fete Dayz Facebook page and was assured that the tribute to Rohan “Ferno” Persaud was still on.


I decided to venture out.  I reached the venue Constant Spring Golf Club to the sound of Randy Crawford’s version of “Give me the night”.


I was one of the first to arrive and was warmly greeted by Squeeze who invited me to sign the poster with Ferno’s photo outside the dance floor as well as one in the dancing area.

It was great seeing people who I had not seen in more than thirty years.   I was also able to meet others who freely shared their memories of Ferno.

At almost midnight, gospel DJ Marshall Redwood shared his memories of Ferno’s set Soul Sensation playing at an Immaculate Conception High School fête.  For those who don’t know, The school is also located on the same compound as the venue where the tribute to Ferno was being held.


A collection was taken up for the Fete Dayz Ferno Foundation set up   to assist young people interested in a music career.  Squeeze announced that some of the Fete Dayz proceeds from future events would be donated to the foundation.


The intermitten heavy rains did not in any way interfere with the good vibes that were flowing through the great music, dancing and conversations.  Alot of reminiscing was done about the popular discos of our teen years like Love Power, Spinners, Ecstasy, Plus X.

I left the venue in the early morning hours. RIP, Ferno.