Moyah-Anne Gibson passed away on April 13, 2017 very suddenly at her place of residence.

Born in Jamaica on October 1, 1944 in Jamaica, she migrated to the United States as a young child and spent her early adult years as a flight attendant with American Airlines and PanAm.

Moyah-Anne returned to Jamaica in 1980 where she became a pioneer in teaching the Suzuki method of violin to children as young as three years old.

In addition to her teaching Moyah had published a music work book for her students as well as an autobiography “Ripples: The Power of Influence”.  In the same room that the remembrance was held,  I remember being there four years ago as Moyah shared  work that she was doing on a music related board educational game.

The remembrance was attended by about 35 people comprising friends, former students and parents of former students.  Many shared heart felt memories of Moyah’s generosity and there were some musical items.

Former students Rafiq Williams on violin and Ashlee Douillard on vocals

The formal proceedings ended with a medley of songs played by Moyah’s former students while guests enjoyed the refreshments including one of Moyah’s favourite foods – pizza.  Fittingly, the pizza delivery man knew Moyah having previously delivered pizza to her.