We are now in mango season.  Most of us enjoy eating them off the tree and also using the juice to make drink.  There are many different ways that the mango can be used for both pleasure and potential profit.  In the following weeks I will share with you some uses that this versatile food can be put to.

I was researching on line to find a recipe for mango jam.  All of these recipes called for added sugar.  Jam is essentially fruit pulp boiled down to a degree of thickness.   Knowing how sweet  mango is in its natural state, I decided to boil the pulp without adding any sugar and after about 20 minutes had a mixture thick enough to be spread on bread or crackers.

You can use any amount of mangos you want to.  Soft mangos work best.  The firm ones can be put into a microwave for about 3 minutes or boiling water to soften them.