1. Little Ochie was founded by present owner Evrol “Blackie” Christian and a partner in 1989 after leaving school.

2.  Evrol and his partner both started selling fried fish and dumplings on the beach.

3. The restaurant’s location is in the small coastal district of Alligator Pond in the parish of Manchester near its border with the parish of St. Elizabeth.

4. It is said that Little Ochie was named after its north coast counterpart Ocho Rios because the visitors to both places felt that the social atmospheres were similar.

5. They serve a variety of fish as well as lobster and  shrimp.

6. The most popular dish is steamed snapper but they serve other dishes curried, roasted, jerked, grilled, stewed and in garlic sauce.

7. All seafood is bought fresh from the local fishermen and cooked on demand.

8. Little Ochie provides employment for 30 residents of Alligator Pond.

9. International publications such as the Winnipeg Free Press, Calgary Herald and New Jersey Lifestyle magazine have commented favourably on Little Ochie’s offerings.