Recently I made my first trip using Knutsford Express from Kingston to Ocho Rios.  It was a really nice bus ride taking the relatively new North – South highway.  Travel time from the office in Kingston to the one in Ocho Rios was one hour and fifteen minutes compared to the two hours the trip once was.  I thought I would share a few facts about this company.

  1. Knutsford Express was founded by Oliver Townsend in 2006.  This idea came to him when he was doing an MBA which required him to travel from Montego Bay to Kingston on a regular basis.  There were no transport options that allowed him to study while on his way to class.
  2.  Oliver had prior experience in the transportation business having worked for Caribic Vacations which is owned by his father.
  3.  Initially the first route was from Montego Bay to Kingston.
  4.  The company operates in 13 out of 14 parishes, St. Thomas being the exception.
  5.  Fares range from a low of $600 to a high of $4,000. (Information available on the website)
  6.  Departure times start as early as 5.00 a.m and go as late as 7.30 p.m.
  7.  Oliver was nominated for a Jamaica Observer Business Leader Award in 2013.
  8.  In 2013, Knutsford Express won the Gleaner Award for business.
  9. In 2014, the company became the first transport company to be listed on Jamaica Junior Stock Exchange.
  10. The company recently completed a terminal at the Sangster’s International Airport.
  11. Christmas day is the only day in the year that Knutsford Express is not open for business.
  12. Luggage is allowed on board which is free up to 50 pounds. One carry on piece is allowed.