Ilyichia Hutton talking to mourners.

My grandmother recently made her transition at the age of 102 and in making the funeral arrangements, discussions were had regarding where to have the after funeral repast which is a common feature of most funerals here in Jamaica.  The funeral was being held in Kingston and the burial was going to be out at Dovecot Memorial Park which is about 15 miles outside of Kingston.  Conventional wisdom would have said to go back to Kingston for the repast which would be okay if you lived in Kingston. Dovecot is a route used by people coming into Kingston from the North coast. However we had family members coming in from the North coast and it may have posed a challenge for them to go to the trouble of coming back into town for the repast to go back out again on the same route.

We were able to find Ilyichia Hutton, a very enterprising lady who among other things organizes repasts.  The one that she organized for us was at her house in Green Acres which is very near to Dovecot and was convenient for our out of town family members.  I found her to be very personable and professional.  I was able to speak with her at length and she says that she is very flexible when it comes to budgeting.  She is able to source locations to suit the customer’s need.  She told me of having organized a repast for up to a thousand people.  She can be contacted at 569-6187.  She also has a Facebook page S.K. Virtual Assistant Services.