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Jonathan Rankine

Every Thursday at mid day, the Edna Manley School for the Performing Arts music department puts on a free concert featuring its students.  On February 2, 2017, this concert featured drummer Jonathan Rankine, trumpet player Okil McIntyre, singers Malaika James and Elizabeth McLeish.  All gave very good performances.

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Malaika James

Since it is reggae month, the audience was in for a treat when Freddy McGregor took the stage paying tribute to the late Dennis Brown who would have celebrated his sixtieth birthday the day before.   He did classics like “Promised Land”, “Love has found its way”, “Revolution”,”Hold on to what you got” before launching into his own hits like “Big Ship”, “Prophecy”, “Africa here I come”.

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    Freddy McGregor in performance

After an overwhelming response from the audience, Freddy sat down for a question and answer session with the many music students who were in attendance.  He said that he started in the music business at the age of seven, having been in the business for fifty three years.  He mentioned  having lived with the legendary Jamaican record producer Clement Dodd.  Freddy spoke of the difficulties of the music business but said that with perseverance they can be overcome.  He praised the Edna Manley Music School for producing highly skilled reggae musicians.

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Freddy McGregor in the question and answer section