Constantly  generating new content is vital to bloggers increasing traffic to their site and is probably the most challenging thing to do.  However the challenge can be overcome. The following are a few suggestions about stimulating new content.

One on One Interviews

I started my blog creating content by interviewing entrepreneurs. I realized that telling stories about interesting people is a surefire way to constantly create content as there is no shortage of people willing to be subjects.  In conducting interviews, all that is required is that you decide what information you would like to elicit from the person and ask questions accordingly.


In November, I took a walk around the campus of the West Indies to find out what eating options were available and created a guide  On a trip to downtown Kingston on personal business, I took a walk around to find eating options available and created another guide


There is no shortage of events.  During the month of December I attended and wrote about quite a few musical events and a few art and craft festivals.

Day to day life experiences

Never underestimate the value of your day to day life experiences as a source of content for your blog. Examples: 1.Car breakdowns 2.  Bad service at a business place 3.  A school graduation 4. A trip to the beach 5. Losing a job 6. A Vacation

Topics and themes

I have found that if you can find a topic then you can brainstorm themes and develop stories around them.  The following are a few examples.

Topic                       Possible themes

Food – restaurant guides, recipes,market vendors, professional caterers,                              food preparation dos and donts

Music – singers, players of instruments, radio personalities,                                                         concert reviews, genres e.g. jazz, pop, soul, classical

Agriculture – plant species, soil types, planting techniques, fertilizers, foods

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