Published:Sunday | December 30, 2012 | 12:00 AM


Enjoy dis special Christmas in we love Jamaica land

We ah go enjoy dis special Christmus

Mek merriment, create good rompus!

We will jollificate!

Come celebrate!

We ah Thank Jesus for ‘im nuh disregard we poor estate

Look so much fantastic shoes on PARADE

Bling, plenty style, fashion and shade

Frock, blouse, pants and fancy upper wear

Lift up yuh spirits! Move in high Christmus gear

We not gwine accept recession

‘God is we provider’ is we only confession

We will nyam, drink sorrel and dance in de street

Feed de poor, give dem bread and meat

We will party

And be hearty

Whichever colour we face

Mek sweet music in de place

We will share what we have dis Christmus

Forgive and cause no fuss

We will save enough for de new year

For God give we Jesus, Joseph and Mary dear.

Wise men led by de Star

God save Baby Jesus and keep de enemy far

For no Herod weapon can change God’s almighty plan

So enjoy yuh Christmas in we love Jamaica lan!

– Helen-Ann Wilkinson

So this is Christmas …

So this is Christmas

It’s here again

This extra special time we can spend with family and friends

The music, the gifts, the love and the sorrel blend

Oh, how I wish Christmas could come every morning again and again

A change in the weather Mr Christmas brings along,

With such cold, soft Christmas breeze.

The turkey, the ham and rice and gungo peas

I just can’t get enough of times like these

Mr Christmas gave my little sister exactly what she needed

Sending His only begotten Son through a virgin

And it is here on earth He would be planted

To live, to eat, to preach and comfort the broken hearted

All these things and so much more is why this is Christmas

– Roshain R. Greensword