The University of the West Indies Mona campus has been in operation since 1948.  As its student population has expanded over the years, so have its eating options.  Over time, different eating places on the campus have come and gone.  On November 7, I took a walk around Ring Road and found the following eating places.


Juici Patties is located near the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences.  The biggest patty chain in Jamaica offers a wide variety of patties, cooked meals hot and cold beverages.


Board Walk Cafe is located on Ring Road adjacent to the Social Science faculty.  They serve sandwiches, hamburgers, deli wraps, pastries and a variety of hot and cold beverages.  They are open as early as 7.00 a.m. to serve breakfast.


Yes, good old junk food giant KFC has found its way onto the UWI campus.  It is located on Ring Road beside Chancellor Hall.


Nardo’s One Stop Shop is a popular snack counter located near the Neville Hall lecture theatre.  They serve patties, hamburgers, hot dogs, pastries like buns, gizzadas and cupcakes.  Soft drinks are served here. The proprietor ‘Nardo’ Currie was featured in a newpaper article–Currie_15757552

This unnamed concessionaire is located near the Faculty of Humanities and Education and sells cooked lunches and cold drinks.


Scottie’s Delight serves snacks like hot dogs, chips, fries, bun and cheese as well as a variety of hot and cold beverages.


(c) A. Pierre Sobers