“A mosaic is a piece of art or image made from the assemblage of small pieces of coloured glass, stone, or other materials.  It is often used in decorative art or as interior decoration.”



Growing up, Liz McAdam knew that she was not destined to pursue any of the traditional professions.  She always felt artistically inclined.  In 1999, she discovered mosaic art.


Liz is self taught, having no formal training in the area.  She works with glass, stone, petals, tiles.  What she likes most about the art form is that there are no rules.  For her its a true passion and a means of exploring her soul. Her tag line is “taking fragments and making them whole and beautiful”.


The raw materials that Liz uses are accessed`locally.  She does commissioned work.  Her work ranges in price from flower pots which she sells for $4,000 to concrete tables which sell for $100,000.  Liz has exhibited her work at Devon House’s market on the lawn.

Liz works alone. There are very few other people in the field here in Jamaica. However she  draws inspiration from other mosaic artists around the world  whom she corresponds with on the internet.received_10154750487672682

Doing mosaic art provides Liz with a very useful tool of  stress management.  For her, there is nothing like coming home after a stressful day and being able to take a hammer to some tiles and use the fragments to make some new art pieces.

In the future, Liz would like to expand her horizons by doing commissioned work outside of Jamaica.

(c) A. Pierre Sobers 2016