Kande’s Delights was founded by Kevin Dean  in  June 2015.  Before that, he had attempted to start other businesses but was unable to find the required capital to make them successful .  Like a true entrepreneur, he was not discouraged by failure.  He discovered a need in the marketplace for premium home made ice cream.  He raised the capital and purchased an ice cream making machine.

The name “Kande” was derived from the first initial in his first name and the other four letters came from his last name.

Kevin with a customer

So far, Kevin has developed 14 dairy flavours, the most popular ones being Jerry Benzwick Rocky Road and Pistacchio Raspberry Ripple.  He also has developed non dairy ice cream flavours using coconut milk as a base.  He has plans to develop more flavours in the near future.

Kevin talked about the competitive advantages of his products. They are all natural.  No preservatives, no artificial flavours.  Real pineapple chunks and coconut bits are used in the making of his ice creams.  His non dairy ice creams are the only ones on the market that use coconut milk as a base. The competition uses soy.

Kande’s Delights ice cream is available by ordering it directly from the facebook page  http://www.facebook.com/Kandesdelights or calling 332-3234.  Kevin has also marketed his ice cream at various trade fairs and expos.

In the future, Kevin would like to get his products into supermarkets, gas stations etc.  He would also like to  export his brand to the Caribbean.    He would like to expand into making sorbets.  His ultimate goal is to have a one stop operation selling all types of desserts.

No business is without its challenges and Kevin has faced his. He has had to deal with people doubting his capacity to make a success of his venture and the inevitable challenges of meeting day to day expenses.  However, he does have words of advice for people wanting to go into business.  He says that one must look for a niche to fill in the market place and create a unique product to fill that need.  Avoid going into markets that are saturated.  Customer satisfaction must be the priority.  Most of all, one must never give up.


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