The School-House  A Jamaican Story is a 55 page children’s book that was written by Jamaican author/poet Judith Hamilton for her then nine year old daughter Michelle, because of a dearth of children’s books with local content.  She completed the manuscript back in 1980.  However with the challenges of taking care of her aging parents, publishing of the book was put on the backburner.  She was finally able to publish the book in 2013.  It was dedicated to her grandson Warren who is the son of Michelle.


Author Judith Hamilton reading her book.

The story is about a Jamaican schoolboy who loses his marbles while playing with them.  In trying to find them, he helps an insect in distress and is rewarded for his actions.  Judith said that the book is targeted to children in the 6-11 age group.  However, she said that 15 year olds as well as adults have told her that they enjoyed reading the book.

Judith, a published poet, has words of advice for writers who also want their work to be published.  She said that in submitting work to publishers, it is important to research the market to see what different material publishers specialize in.

In publishing this book, Judith would like to acknowledge her good friend architect Jennifer Samuels who did the illustrations for the book.

For those who would like to obtain a copy of the book, you can call (876) 534-3456.


(c) A. Pierre Sobers